Member’s Rules

Melalueca Members’ rules

Melaleuca supermarket don’t sell products to people who don’t have a membership account. People have to register an Customer Membership account then only can buy things from Melaleuca supermarket.

There are two types of Membership accounts :
1 – Preferred Customer or Marketing Executive – RM70 per every year (with business kit).
Preferred customer can enjoy wholesale price or factory price which is 30% to 40% discount on the products prices. They must buy minimum 35 product points which is about RM225 for every month.

Marketing Executive is customer who refers other new customers to Melaleuca supermarket. Marketing Executive can earn 7% to 20% commission when their referred customers buy products from Melaleuca.

2 – Direct Customer – RM50 per every year (without business kit).
Direct customer cannot enjoy any discount of the products price, but they don’t have to buy minimum 35 product points which is about RM225 for every month.

Note: Melaleuca will return 100% money to you if you want to quit or cancel the membership within 60 days from the day you enrolled. So, there is no risk at all !

If you want to work for this job to earn money, you can apply membership of Marketing Executive which is RM70 per year. Your job is inviting people to apply the membership of preferred Customer/Marketing Executive. So, they have to buy 35 product points which is RM225 for every month. And you can earn rm25.20 from there for every month. For example, Let say you found 20 preferred customers/marketing executives. You can earn 20 x RM25.20 = RM504 commission. The 20 preferred customers buy RM225 products for every month, you will earn rm504 for every month.

2a – You need to spend around RM225 per month to buy 35 points Melaleuca products if you have less than 8 preferred customers/marketing executive/members/downlines.

2b – You  need to spend around RM350 per month to buy 55 points Melaleuca products if you have more than 7 preferred customers/marketing executive/members/downlines. 8 is more than 7. So You need to pay RM350 per every month when you get 8th member/downline, but you don’t have to worry, because if you have at least 8 members/downlines, you will get salary of RM1005 (RM375 commission + RM630 bonus). For the detail of your salary, please visit

When you have less than 8 members, you have to buy RM225 products, you don’t have to worry about it. Why? The 3 reason are:

a) If you have 6 family members in your house, you definitely have to spend more than RM200 at Sunshine or Giant to buy daily uses products per every single month right? So, why not from now onward, you don’t go to Sunshine buy the daily use products, you change to go Melaleuca super market to buy them every month then you are qualified yourself to work for this job. So, basically you just need to change the brand of the daily use products to Melaleuca Melaleuca can 100% ensure you that Melaleuca products are very and more safety, more healthy, more effective and more save cost if compare to the products in normal supermarket. You just need to switch all the products in your house to Melaleuca products. Make your house is full of Melaleuca products. For example, Melaleuca soap, shampoo, toothpaste, vitamin, cosmetic stuffs, lipstick, detergent, milk powder, gel to cure mosquito bite or stop bleeding on cut injury, hand lotion and so on.

b) Melaleuca supermarket sells a lot of products. There are so many products that you can buy from Melaleuca. So, there is no problem if you want to spend about RM225 to shopping in Melaleuca Supermarket. For example,Daily Use products such as soap, shampoo, detergent, toothpaste. Beauty products such as lipstick. Daily supplements products such as milk and meal. Personal care products such as vitamin and the drink and meal that can help for weight lose. Treatment products such as plaster, gel for mosquito bite, gel for stopping bleeding from cut injury and gel for healing pimples. Sport products such as sport drinks, energy bar and protein bars. Health care products such as vitamin that can cure kidney problem, heart attack problem and diabetes.

c) I have told you that if you have 8 downlines, you can earn RM1005 as the salary from Melaleuca, so the RM1005 u need to spend on shopping is free actually if you have 8 members/downlines, and you still can earn RM780 extra cash from that. Moreover, you not only can have 8 members/downlines, you can have up to 95,000 members/downlines, do the Mathematics calculation! How much you can get if you have 95,000 members/downlines?

So, please act faster to invite your relatives, friends and strangers to join you, become your members/downlines now! When Melaleuca become a famous super market in Malaysia in future, just the same as Tesco/Giant/Sunshine famous in Malaysia, everyday will have a lot of customers shopping in Melaleuca super market that time, and many of the customers are our members/downlines, so we don’t need to work anymore, Melaleuca company will pay us commission per every month continuously.

It is not RM100 or RM1000 or RM10,000 decision, it is just RM70 decision. We will return you RM70 if you decide to quit from this job. And after you pay RM225 to buy the products, if you cannot find any members/downlines and you decide to quit this job, you can return all the products to us as well, we will pay u back the RM225 but must within 60 days, because Melaleuca gives us 60 days free try on every products. So, that is no risk for this job. what are you waiting for! Join now and start work for it to find more and more members/downlines to join u.


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