Trust Melaleuca?

heard about Melaleuca?
Melaleuca company started in United State for 24 years already. It expand the business to many countries already. For example, Canada, Japan, Korea, Ireland, Netherlands, Mainland China, Taiwan, Hongkong, New Zealand and Australia. It spend 12 years to success become a famous supermarket in Taiwan. Then it expand the business to Singapore on 2006. And this year 2010, it expand the business to Malaysia!

Melaleuca open 1st branch in Bangsar in Kuala Lumpur on February 2010. They will open a branch in Penang too if Penang has 1000 members, the same as Johor, Melaca and Sabah. They will open many branches in Malaysia soon.

Melaleuca get a lot of awards.

Click here to see detail

Refer to October 2009 top 50 mlm report. Amway get position number 19, Melaleuca get position number 4! Click the link below to see detail

You can visit Melaleuca international website at,
Melaleuca Malaysia website at,
Melaleuca products website at,

The location of Melaleuca supermarket in Kuala Lumpur at

Picture below shows Melaleuca business growth statistic record from year to year. Please click the picture to enlarge it to see it more clearly.


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